Medicare Proposed Rules for 2017 – How they affect you

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Each July Medicare publishes proposed rules that affect hospitals, clinics and physicians for the following year. For patients and families this might be very long, boring read, but there are some proposed highlights to point out that could positively affect you and your loved ones.  One of those is that Medicare is proposing to continue to separately pay for chronic care management and transitional care management services.  This year Medicare is proposing a number changes to better identify and value primary care, care management, and cognitive service.  This is a good thing for both patients and physicians because physicians get paid for the extra mile they go for patients with complex, chronic issues such as cancer, mental health, mobility issues, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, etc. and patients will get more time and effort put into their care.  Medicare is trying to move the “system” from paying providers more from the more services they submit to the quality of care they give patients. The proposed rule of identifying that chronic cases take more time and effort is also a step in the right direction.

For your reference the proposed codes for Primary Care and Care Coordination, Mental and Behavioral Health, Cognitive Impairment Care Assessment and Planning, and Care for Patients with Mobility-Related Impairments are:


Descriptions for the codes can be found on pages 150-151 of the CMS MPFS proposed rule.

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